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Birkel Electric Employee Answers the Call for Tornado Clean Up

It was a Friday night, no different than any other Spring night in St. Louis. Kids were enjoying the beginning of a weekend, adults we’re putting their feet up and the boys of summer were kicking off a weekend series at Busch.

But when all seemed right with the world, the unthinkable happened, bringing the worst storm St. Louis has seen in 44 years. Dubbed the “Good Friday Tornado”, the National Weather Service rated the tornado an EF4, the second highest rating on the Fujita Scale.

Leaving a 22 mile path of destruction from Maryland Heights to the metro east, The St. Louis Post Dispatch estimated that 2,700 buildings were damaged in St. Louis County alone.
While many heard about the damage at the airport, the real victims are those who lost their homes in North County. Assisting those in need, a member of the Birkel office staff volunteered with the clean up in a neighborhood just east of the airport.

We’d like to thank anyone who participated and recognize our staff member.

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