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Birkel Knows Business

Birkel Knows Business

It’s easy to say you know business, but much harder to back it up. At Birkel Electric, we never leave you scratching your head wondering, what is really going on?

Part of knowing business is taking care of business – the right way. And nothing slows your business to a crawl more than a day without power. In our industry, we know that things happen, but it is the response that counts. You need an immediate solution, two or three days will not cut it.

We see many cases where installations have been done incorrectly or simply that time has taken its toll on a building. No matter the problem, the most important part is that an electrical contractor can be in your facility, fixing the problem as quickly as possible. Because, as we all know, candlelight is great for a romantic dinner, but terrible for a meeting.

That’s why when you call Birkel Electric, we can respond at a moment’s notice. We are centrally located in Chesterfield, MO and use the latest in GPS tracking software to dispatch our electricians. Like we said, it’s the quick response with a quick solution that counts.

Birkel doesn’t only respond when you have an emergency, we also handle many other complex installations. A situation we often are called into is office relocations or backup generators. Nothing is more stressful than moving an entire office, the details can be endless. While you may be concerned about moving your employees and keeping your business running, we guarantee Birkel will be the least of your worries. Our electricians will be there on time, in one of our vans, taking care of business without disrupting yours.

At Birkel Electric, we pride ourselves on our business sense. Even if that means working with a unique business situation, we have the flexibility and know how to get the job done right. If you are looking for a reliable commercial electrical contractor who knows business, look no further than Birkel. Give us a call, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. For more information visit


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