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A Tool Box and Hammer Doesn’t Make a Professional Electric Contractor

A Tool Box and Hammer Doesn’t Make a Professional Electric Contractor

If your electric contractor asks if you have 220 or 221 volts, that’s a sign you might want to ask a few more background questions. Normally you wouldn’t let just anyone into your business, and an electric contractor should be no different. Because you aren’t an electrician you shouldn’t have to know about the industry to hire a trusted professional.

Unfortunately that is not always the case, but you should know you can trust the hiring of professional contractors to companies in the industry, like Birkel. When we hire new employees, we make sure they have the right training and are people we would trust working in our own homes. They are clean cut and represent the company well. Don’t expect to see Bubba in his 82 Ford Bronco.

When customers need our assistance, our presence will not cause a disruption to their business. Beyond from the greeting, explanation of the work, occasional bump during work and the farewell, you should not know one of our contractors’ is there.

And when you need your contractor there quickly, they should be able to respond. Because we are located in Chesterfield, we have seen how being able respond anywhere in the St. Louis metro area can make all the difference to our customers. By tracking our trucks with GPS, we are able to reroute them at a moments notice, giving us a much broader reach.

To keep your contractor working on your project, they need the right tools. When Bubba shows up, you can bet he also does not bring the right tools to get the job done right. That delay means extra time on your project, because he needs to “run and get something from the store.” At Birkel, we don’t subscribe to that thinking. When you see a Birkel truck, you can expect it is loaded with everything you will need.

We work on projects at commercial and industrial sites in every corner of the St. Louis area. Our expert electricians have decades of experience, consistently providing innovative and practical solutions. We guarantee our professionalism and would like the chance to prove it to you. If you ever feel that we have not performed at the highest level of professionalism, we invite customers to speak directly with Mike Birkel at 636-386-7000 or visit us at

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