Value based engineering and installation process that starts with the concept of how you want your electrical system to work-designed and costed on the front end with seamless installation on the back end.

Birkel Electric project managers have a proven track record of providing successful project delivery. Our team members look at each project as another opportunity to provide lasting value.

Through the Birkel Electric Critical Systems Survey, we will assess your specific needs to determine cost effective power distribution and conditioning options for your facility.

As a local leader in electrical property maintenance, we offer solution-based services to the property management and realty industry.

Advances in integrated systems have allowed business to seamlessly connect their entire communications and security infrastructure, resulting in a reduction in maintenance costs and an overall improvement in efficiency.

At Birkel Electric, our staff of design-build engineers can devise a solar-energy plan for a wide-range of applications. Every plan is completely customized, ensuring maximum value and performance.